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    Location: kigali, rwanda

    Who We Are

    Transforming secondary education in Africa to develop young leaders and entrepreneurs.

    Educate! is a fast-growing non-profit social enterprise, currently operating in Uganda and Rwanda, and imminently expanding across East Africa and beyond. Educate! provides youth with skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness along with mentorship to start real businesses at school. Our model is delivered through practically-trained teachers and youth mentors. Educate!’s goal is to make this practical, skills-based model part of national education systems..

    In 2016 we’re working in 100 schools in Rwanda and 12% of secondary schools in Uganda (350 schools) reaching over 120,000 students. Our model was proven to have massive impact in a randomized controlled trial. Graduates earned DOUBLE the income of a control group and had a 64% increase in business creation.

    Last year, Educate! worked with the Rwandan Education Board as a technical advisor on the national A-level entrepreneurship curriculum. We are currently in the process of launching the Educate! Exchange program in Rwanda - an innovative in-service teacher-training model that aims to support the roll out of the education reform and new curriculum. We are running a second Randomized Controlled Trial to test the impact of this program, with the goal of national adoption in Rwanda and elsewhere, contributing new and much-needed data to the global conversation on how governments can implement skills-based education reforms.

    Educate! is backed by top foundations such as MasterCard, Big Bang Philanthropy, Mulago, Echoing Green, Ashoka and Global Innovation Fund. Educate! won the 2015 WISE Awards, and was featured by Forbes 30 under 30, Clinton Global Initiative and The Brookings Institution. Educate! team members have won recognition from Forbes 30 under 30, Global Good Fund, and three Acumen fellowships. We value retention of great people: Half of our top 14 operational team members have been with Educate! for at least six years. Check out our website to learn more about our model and our impact.

    Notable Achievements:


    Educate! impact and honors. 

    •  Educate! has seen massive impact in our graduates: a near doubling of average income and a 64% increase in business creation. 
    • We’re honored that luminaries and leaders like Oliver Wonekha, the Ugandan Ambassador to the US, and Ann Veneman, a former Secretary of Agriculture and head of UNICEF, believe in us enough to have joined our advisory board.
    • We believe in local leadership – 97% of our staff is Ugandan
  • The Opportunity

    Hiring: Country Director 

    Educate! is looking for our first Rwanda Country Director to lead our brand-new team in Rwanda as we launch an innovative program to support the national secondary education reform roll out. We need an ultra-ambitious collaborative leader and problem-solver to manage our team, program, and partnerships in Rwanda. This role offers a unique opportunity to join an award winning, high growth social enterprise at a pivotal time, spearhead Educate!’s first major startup operation outside of Uganda, and contribute to research on skills-based education reform that will inform Educate!’s growth as we move towards our Vision for 2024 of reaching one million youth annually across ten countries in Africa.

  • Qualifications and terms of the position

    Performance Objectives

      Strategic Planning and Leadership

      • Lead our 5 person start-up team in Rwanda and implementing partners to manage an innovative education reform support program. This involves creating a country strategy aligned to Educate!’s global strategy, setting program and operational goals, doing annual planning, and being accountable for country performance metrics.

      • Develop staff culture and mentor team members by managing the team to achieve goals through teamwork and collaboration; support the team to manage difficult situations

      • Pro-actively identify and prepare for challenges, continuously assess resource needs, conduct risk assessments, and solve problems as they arise

      • Coordinate with regional directors to build program and operational systems

      Operations Oversight

      • Lead HR and talent strategy and operations in Rwanda: build our culture, manage performance appraisals, lead onboarding, orientation, and training of our team

      • Develop and manage Educate! Exchange finances, including budgets, expenditures, and staff policies and procedures; and review partner financial reports

      • Oversee administrative operations, including legal compliance and registration, event planning, and accounts coordination

      Program Coordination

      • Oversee program implementation, including design iteration and program quality assurance

      • Manage and guide team of Program Coordinators

      • Manage and coordinate with our implementing partner and government partners

      Internal and External Communications

      • Collaborate with and act as key point of contact for Educate! Leadership team to set, achieve, and report on goals and maintain strategic alignment with organization

      • Oversee all major in-country reporting, including partner, internal feedback, and evaluation reports

      • Oversee external relations in Rwanda


      To excel in this position you’ll need to be an ambitious, organized self-starter with a propensity for leadership and an exceptional ability to solve problems and “get it done.” You’ll embody Educate!’s cultural values (see “What is Educate! About?) and be able to motivate others to do the same within a collaborative, non-authoritarian organizational culture. You’ll thrive in a start-up environment and be excited to build systems and processes, all the way from high-level strategic thinking to in-the-weeds design and implementation.


      We’re also looking for someone with:

      • 4+ years of work experience, with at least 2 years experience managing a team

      • Passion and commitment for Educate!’s mission

      • Strong leadership and people skills

      • Experience working in the Global South (East Africa experience strongly preferred, and Rwandan Nationals will be given preference above other candidates)

      • Degree in Management or relevant university degree


      • Based in our Rwanda office, with frequent travel to Educate! Uganda, Kampala

      • Compensation will be competitive for the social enterprise sector and commensurate with experience

      • Benefits include accommodation, health insurance, and a generous vacation policy

    • Why educate!

      Why you will brag about working at Educate!

      • We’ve got the impact.
      • Educate! is designed for scale. We quadrupled operations in 2014, going from 54 to more than 200 schools served. We carefully measure our outcomes, and — here’s the best part — we are maintaining quality at four times the size.

      • We believe in local leadership -- 97% of our staff is African.

      • Our model has gone nationwide in Uganda -- Educate!’s model is now incorporated into the national curriculum and exams, impacting many thousands more students than we can reach directly.

      • Educate is a well-oiled learning machine. We built our model by methodically testing hundreds of assumptions and we are constantly experimenting, evaluating, and improving.

      • We’re honored that luminaries and leaders like Oliver Wonekha, the Ugandan Ambassador to the US, and Ann Veneman, a former Secretary of Agriculture and head of Unicef, believe in us enough to have joined our advisory board.

    • Apply Now! : VACANCY CLOSED

      Intrigued? Please visit this link to apply. You will be asked to upload a resume and respond to the following questions:

      1. Why Educate!? Why this position? Please explain how this position fits into your career goals and which past experiences have best prepared you to take it on.

      2. Tell us about a time you identified a problem and implemented a solution to prevent it from recurring. Please include details about how you identified the problem, thought out the solution, and saw it through to implementation, as well as who you worked with and any challenges you faced.

      3. What leadership experience are you most proud of and why?

      *Priority deadline for applications is April 21st 2016. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with goal to fill position ASAP.


    • Educate! Culture

      What is Educate! About? 

      We’re ambitious. Are you? Educate! is growing fast, so new opportunities are opening up and expanding all the time. We’re inspired by people with drive, and we love to help them reach their full potential. We expect everyone at Educate! to contribute above and beyond their job description, grow their skills, and advance their careers – and we are committed to supporting our staff members on that journey.


      1. We Put Youth First - The youth we serve come first. Always. In everything. That means we wake up thinking of ways we can serve youth even better and get the highest impact out of every dollar that we spend. It means Educate! doesn’t own a single vehicle, because we’d rather take the bus if it means one more student can participate. It means making every decision like the future depends on it — because if we get our way, it does!
      2. We Are Always Learning - When you work at Educate!, educating yourself is part of your job too. We encourage every employee to find the best book on management; share the latest article on graphic design; bring in your favorite college mentor; or meet the researcher pushing the edge of the field. We are always thirsty for knowledge and love to share.
      3. We Only Solve a Problem Once - We are allergic to band-aids so we love the person who brings the new system to solve the problem for good, even problems we haven’t recognized yet.
      4. We Are Flexible - We thrive on change — we’re driving it. We are growing every day, so we have to adapt quickly to meet new challenges, and our team keeps up.
      5. We Exceed Expectations - We assume we can achieve the impossible because we already have, year after year. We want our staff to create your own challenges, ask the toughest questions, and dream scary big!

      Every person at Educate! -- from interns to the executive director -- is evaluated by how they live up to these five cultural tenets. They are at the core of how we achieve our mission and why we work as well as we do.


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